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      Construction Project Visits (in English) 

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    The maximum number of participants for Construction Project Visits is 70 and 140 for City Tours. Space is limited and registration is on a first come first served basis, with priority will be given to participants registering for the full three-day conference.

Construction Project Visits (in English)

Itinerary 1: Treasure Dragon Corp. ─ Sunny Happiness Gendii

location:No. 88 Meiman East Lane 3 Xitun Dist., Taichung city 407, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Range:5103 m2 /3 floors underground. 15 floors on the ground
Construction period:2011-09 to 2013-10

Sunny Happiness Gendii aimed to achieve “A residence inside the park” with breeze, light, water and greenery. The project is situated in Taichung,Taiwan, south of Taichung Gateway park. The project signifies a future realization of Taichung City’s low carbon living and eco-friendly environment.  Apart from the generous setback all around the complex, the main entrance was designed to face a park. The vegetation in our community is extended to join the greenery in the park nearby. Public arts are incorporated to re-define the meaning of the place, and to obtain positive publicity.

The green seed-shaped entrance hall has become the new landmark of the city meaning “start”, “hope” and also “future.” It can be said in another way around, people, architecture, neighborhood, city, plenty of possibilities. Meanwhile, the project introduced the concept of “infobox” which makes public spaces into separate units to accomplish our goal of good air circulation and energy saving. By introducing air, water and sunlight, all these sustainable resources into the building helped to boost the interaction between the project and neighboring environment. Hence, a life style of eco-friendly, energy-saving, low-waste and healthy house is created.

The company insist on life-long after sales service and highest quality constructions and their motto is “For the things you can see, we do our best. For the things you cannot see, we always use our heart, do our best and also would like to bring people happiness.”

Itinerary 2:


Taichung City Tours (in English)

1 . Cultural Experiences
  • Taichung Literature Museum

Taichung Literature Museum is a heritage revitalization project. It was a cluster of Japanese officer’s dormitory back in the period of Japanese Occupation in 19th century. There are six main buildings including one for the sheriff.

  • Historical Taichung Prefecture Hall

Taichung Prefecture Hall served as Taichung City Hall for decades and still houses the municipal Environmental Protection Bureau. It was designed by Moriyama Matsunosuke, the architect behind what's now the Presidential Office Building and the National Museum of Taiwan Literature.

  • The Original Store of Chun Shui Tang

Chun Shui Tang is famous for being the inventor of bubble tea. Starting from a small teahouse, Chun Shui Tang is now a franchise business with quality drinks and foods in department stores and famous business areas. Besides bubble tea, there are dozens of drinks for you to choose. You can also DIY your own bubble tea at the original store.

  • Natural Way Six Arts Cultural Center

Natural Way Six Arts Cultural Centre was built in Japanese colonial period, with over a hundred years of history, and was originally the Taichung Budokan Martial Arts Hall. It was a place for Japanese officers to practice martial arts such as judo and kendo. Nowadays, this historical building serves as dojo for kendo, archery, and tea culture.

Taichung literature Museum Historical Taichung Prefecture Hall
The Original Store of Chun Shui Tang Natural Way Six Arts Cultural Center
2 . Public Building Appreciation
  • National Taichung Theater

National Taichung Theater is a continuation of the 1987 completion of the National Concert Hall and Theater. After nearly 30 years since the first opening of a national performance venue, NTT is a 21st-century cultural facility that is not only a new landmark in the city, but also represents a cultural step forward.

  • New Taichung City Hall

The new Taichung City Hall featured the largest LED screen (20 x 26 meters) and largest pedestrian-only plaza in all of Asia. It was awarded the National Construction Excellence Award in the Best Planning category.

  • Maple Garden

Located next to Taiwan Boulevard in Taichung City, Maple Garden is a unique U-shaped recreational park for the city residents and visitors. It has an area of 3 hectares, and contains a lake, red trees, green grass, and observatory bridge. It is a great place for talking a walk, going on a date, and exercising.

National Taichung Theater New Taichung City Hall
Maple Garden